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Body Effects by Power Performance Products is an advanced fat-burning formula, engineered in accordance with the latest clinical science to promote extreme...

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: Fat Burner / Weight Loss

: Second To None Nutrition Yeppoon


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Second To None Nutrition Yeppoon

Body Effects by Power Performance Products is an advanced fat-burning formula, engineered in accordance with the latest clinical science to promote extreme energy, control appetite, regulate mood, and boost motivation as well. In fact, Body Effects is specifically tailored to torch that stubborn fat and make your lean muscles bulge as never before. And not only that – Body Effects is completely and 100% made with organic ingredients that work in unison to elevate your workout to the next level.

Briefly, the benefits of Power Performance Body Effects include:

  • Advanced fat and weight-loss formula
  • Extreme energy to last for hours
  • Appetite control through meticulous utilisation of potent, 100% natural ingredients
  • Solid and quick gains of lean muscle mass, stamina, and strength


In addition to these benefits, this product has an exquisite and addictive taste that surmounts to a unique experience that will boost your motivation by a significant margin.



Body Effects is one of the first dietary supplements to combine cutting-edge fat-burning ingredients with extreme energy that ultimately lead to a perfectly chiselled body with the least amount of effort. In fact, other companies have tried copying Power Performance’s flagship Body Effects, but to no avail. The secret lies within Body Effect’s unique combination of powerful ingredients, formulated by proven sports nutrition experts to address fat-burning with the utmost scrutiny. And the best part: Body Effects delivers all the energy needed for a productive training without the slightest trace of jitters.



Bitter Orange Extract, or Citrus aurantium, is a type of plant from the Rutaceae Family, an evergreen tree that is native to Asia and is now being cultivated along the Mediterranean as well.

    Secondly, bitter orange extract is known to help with many health issues, including digestive problems, skin rashes, bloating, treating athlete’s foot, blood circulation, and more. Plus, this product has the additional property of enhancing the potency of the other ingredients featured in Body Effects’ blend, which makes this ingredient very valuable both in regards to effectiveness and cost.

    Finally, bitter orange extract is a very effective agent that promotes healthy and 100% natural weight – and consequently fat-loss as well. To this extent, trainers can rest assured that their fitness needs are being met with levels of surgical precision. 

    Scientifically speaking, Caffeine is defined as a bitter white crystalline alkaloid. In simple terms, Caffeine is a potent stimulant that promotes a solid amount of benefits for the body, including:
    • Caffeine improves cardiovascular health
    • It also boosts your motivation levels and sharpens your brain
    • Caffeine improves stamina and muscle performance during hard and long training sessions
    • It improves athletic performance as well
    • Caffeine is great for memory
    • And is excellent for soothing inflammation
    • Caffeine can get rid of those dark circles under your eyes
    • Caffeine treats the skin


    Last but not least, Caffeine is known to fight against free radical damage

    In particular, caffeine stimulates your nervous system to prepare your body for peak performance at the gym. Plus, caffeine blocks the adenosine receptors to the muscle fibers, which triggers electrical activity to promote bigger calcium bursts.

    Further, when combined with carbs, caffeine can replace your muscle glycogen levels faster after exercise. This makes caffeine the ideal compound to increase stamina and enable you to train harder for longer.

    Green Tea Extract is a powerful fat-burner that contains a number of beneficial antioxidants. In fact, Green Tea Extract (also known as Camellia Sinensis) contains some powerful antioxidants known as catechins, which provide immense support to the immune system, ward the heart, and aid in healthy fat loss as well. Plus, Green Tea combines really well with sushi.
    Phenethylamine has been shown to significantly improve athletic performance, aid in weight loss, and improve attention and mood. This makes it the perfect sports aid for professional athletes looking to take their workout to the next level. 

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